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European Climate Act and the European elections

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About the project

It is time for action!

AURORA is demonstrating how people can make a difference through the choices they make, reducing 13-20% of all greenhouse gas emissions linked to residential energy use and 13% linked to transport choices. In addition, the project will empower people to take ownership of new community solar energy projects.

5 demosites
7,000 Citizen Scientists
1,000 KW Solar Power
~0 CO2 Emission

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Our approach

Tackling the global climate crisis

AURORA will show at least 7,000 citizens how they can make a difference through the choices they make, to reduce the emissions they are responsible for.

Local Energy Communities

By crowdfunding local solar energy plants, with shares as low as €20, each participating citizen can become an active “prosumer” (someone who both consumes and produces energy). In the long run, this will help democratise the governance of the community and its energy systems.

Mobile App

Participants will act as citizen researchers by recording their monthly energy consumption on a user-friendly mobile app. They will receive personalised recommendations to improve their energy consumption habits and reduce their carbon footprint.

Our Demosites

Five local energy communities have been established in different locations across Europe: