The Council Hall of Madrid is very active in Climate Change Strategies, and they are taking part of several EU initiatives, the latest is that they will apply to be a Climate Neutral City. One of the first parts of the cities they want to work with will have the Campus Sur as a cornerstone, so the energy community and AURORA actions will be supported by the Council Hall. Two Climate pact Ambassadors in the core group of AURORA at UPM have the chance to contact other national and EU ambassadors to increase the impact. And finally, the team counts with a very motivated community and ensured from the proposal stage their support through their representatives.

The challenge for the UPM team are the heavy administrative procedures in Spain when a public administration wants to organize something. i.e. the authorization for the energy community will request not only the legal assessment from an external company but later our decision has to be assessed by the legal services of the University and the final decision about the “rent” of the terraces and to take part of the energy community must be made by the highest body of decision of the University “Consejo Social” with is made by university members but also by external people from the government of madrid, and others… This is the main barrier. Also if the energy community is finally set as a “public” organization, this implies that the buy and set up of the facilities will have to follow the public procurement rules and for these amounts of money, i.e. we are obliged to announce the “opportunity” in the National Official Bulletin so the procedure can take us around a year. We are trying to avoid the declaration of our energy community as a “public” body.

We are planning to be helped by “ambassadors” to promote and engage their peers in the action. i.e a set of professors will engage other professors, a set of students will promote actions with students, and administrative staff with their peers. This must be ensured in each School. In addition: some signal posting will be around the campus, we will use the mailing lists from the University and the different schools to promote the initiative and we will perform informative events that will be announced to the Campus Sur community.


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