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Communities Driving Behavioural and Policy Change

AURORA is empowering citizens to make more informed decisions about their energy use. These local energy communities have been established in five locations across Europe.

Four pilot universities are showing how staff and students can take action to reduce their personal energy footprint

Students and staff are testing new business models for generating solar power on campus designed to shift the universities’ energy supply sources.

Their stories, the tools, and the data they provide are open source and will be shared with universities globally through the United Nations’ citizen science portal “World Environment Situation Room” (WESR), enabling all global citizens to benefit from the research.

A mobile app will empower them to reduce energy demand and carbon emissions.

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AURORA is also testing how wider communities can join the programme

A municipality in the UK is working with people of all ages to apply the same methods and offer solar investment opportunities to the community.

515 million people live in the EU and the UK, in 130,000 local and regional authorities. The results from AURORA will be shared with these communities.

Citizens will then be able to take ownership of the existing environmental challenges we are facing.

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Forest of Dean District Council Building

United Kingdom

AURORA will demonstrate to 10% of EU and UK citizens (approximately 51 million) prepared to engage and invest in such citizen science programmes, that they can act to create a future without fossil fuels and lower energy costs.

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