Upcoming Events

In 2023, the community will start hosting Periodic Citizen Researcher Meetings and other activities. Some ideas include: 

  • Understanding your own carbon emission from household and transport 
  • Hands-on workshop for home-made sensors
  • Individual vs. institutional changes required to decarbonize the European energy system
  • Assemble your own solar cell
  • and more…

Roundtable discussion 31 May 2023

At this roundtable discussion, we have invited Erik Christiansen, founder of the Middelgrunden Windmill Cooperative and Copenhagen Solar Cooperative, to give a short talk on the history of Danish energy cooperatives and how citizens can be a part of the green transition. Steen Luk, from Aarhus Wind Cooperative will also talk about the citizen-driven energy cooperative in Aarhus. 

We will share news about the upcoming solar cooperative at Aarhus. Come and ask us any questions if you are interested in hearing more. 

Project AURORA partners will be around for casual chats, if you want to know how energy communities are set up in other demo sites (Spain, Portugal, Slovenia and England). 

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