Rooftop PV installation

Schematics of the installation (provided by Marta Victora) 

In February 2024, we contacted a few Danish companies to give a quote on the cost of the installation. 4 companies gave their offers. After an evaluation, which focuses not only on the cost, but also sustainability of products and track record of companies, the board of Universitetets Energifællesskab F.M.B.A decided the company 1KOMMA5° Danmark will carry out the installation of the solar power plant. 

Our project is estimated to be 98 kWp photovoltaic system on the rooftop of two buildings in Nobelparken in Aarhus. The project uses two types of solar panels (one for each roof) so that students and researchers can compare their performance in the Danish weather. The installation adopts a east-west orientation in a “delta” structure and ballast mounting. The objective is to maximize self-consumption on site, and the surplus is sent back to the grid during times when the consumption in these buildings is lower than production from PV system. No battery system is used. 

From PVGIS website, we estimate that roughly 85.8 MWh will be produced yearly by a 98 kWp PV system installed in Aarhus. 

We expect to have the installation completed in summer 2024. The construction of the rooftop photovoltaic system started on 24th June 2024. Mounting of solar panels for both rooftops have been completed by mid July.  The installation will be registered and connected to the local distribution system by late July to early August.

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