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AURORA on Zenodo

The AURORA Project strongly believes in open data and research.

We therefore publish all of our project outputs in our AURORA Zenodo Community.

  • Victoria, Marta, Zhang, Zhe, Rahdan, Parisa, Vedel-Smith, Nikolaj K.. (June, 2024). Set of presentations on AURORA project at Aarhus University. Zenodo.
  • Universidade de Évora – Cátedra Energias Renováveis, Bunge, Lisa, Cavaco, Afonso, Fava, Luis, Fialho, Luis. (June, 2024). AURORA ESP 32 Workshop de eletrónica de baixo custo. Universidade de Évora. Zenodo.
  • Forest of Dean District Council, Centre for Sustainable Energy. (May, 2024). Forest of Dean AURORA Dissemination Material. Zenodo.
  • Sanz-Cuadrado, Cristina, Cristóbal López, Ana Belén. (May, 2024). Indicadores sociales de Comunidades Energéticas (Version V1). Zenodo.
  • Khan Niazi, Kamran Ali, Victoria, Marta. (July, 2023). Comparative analysis of photovoltaic configurations for agrivoltaic systems in Europe. Zenodo.
  • Cristóbal López, Ana Belén, Sanz Cuadrado, Cristina, Zhang, Zhe, Fialho, Luís, Cavaco, Afonso, Bokalič, Matevž, Narvarte Fernández, Luis. (October, 2023). Delving into the modeling and operation of energy communities as epicenters for systemic transformations. Zenodo.
  • Rahdan, Parisa, Zeyen, Elisabeth, Gallego Castillo, Cristóbal, Victoria, Marta. (February, 2024). Distributed photovoltaics provides key benefits for a highly renewable European energy system. Zenodo.
  • Cristóbal López, Ana Belén, Narvarte Fernández, Luis, Victoria Pérez, Marta, Fialho, Luís, Zhang, Zhe, Sanz Cuadrado, Cristina, Bokalič, Matevž. (October, 2023). Igniting University Communities Building Strategies that Empower an Energy Transition. Zenodo.
  • Dvorak, Adam Jay, Victoria, Marta. (July, 2024). Key Determinants of Solar Share in Solar-and Wind-Driven Grids. Zenodo.
  • Pedersen, Tim Tørnes, Gøtske, Ebbe Kyhl, Dvorak, Adam, Andresen, Gorm Bruun, Victoria, Marta. (July, 2022). Long-term implications of reduced gas imports on the decarbonization of the European energy systems. Zenodo.
  • Schwenk-Nebbe, Leon Joachim, Vind, Jonas Emil, Backhaus, August Jensen, Victoria, Marta, Greiner, Martin. (June, 2022). Principal spatiotemporal mismatch and electricity price patterns in a highly decarbonized networked European power systems. Zenodo.
  • Victoria, Marta, Zeyen, Elisabeth, Brown, Tom. (May, 2022). Speed of technological transformations required in Europe to achieve different climate goals. Zenodo.
  • Ana Belen Cristóbal, Cristina Sanz. (January, 2023). Baseline data for Citizen Energy Responsible Behaviour in 27 Member States. Zenodo.
  • Lars Lorenz, Alexander Gerber. (June, 2023). AURORA D2.2 AURORA App. Zenodo.
  • Zhang, Zhe, Sanz-Cuadrado, Cristina, Rahdan, Parisa. (June, 2023). AURORA D1.2 State of the art of energy mix, citizens’ behaviours and environmental impacts of 5 European Communities. Zenodo.
  • Cristina Sanz Cuadrado. (June, 2023). Survey responses – Drivers and barriers (Version Version 1). Zenodo.
  • Miguel Ángel. (June, 2023). Backend API for the AURORA app v1 (Version 1.0). Zenodo.
  • Pires, Celisio, Zhang, Zhe, Victoria, Marta, Guštin, Matej, Bokalič, Matevž, Topič, Marko, Haycock, Rachel, Hempshall, Keith, Chapman, Alastair, Williams, Emma-Jayne, Fialho, Luís. (June, 2023). AURORA D3.1 Report on the business models to follow-up by the different local energy communities. Zenodo.
  • Hugo Raúl Zuñiga Carrillo, ANA BELEN CRISTOBAL LOPEZ, CELENA LORENZO NAVARRO. (May, 2023). Code and files for building a energy awareness sensor workshop. Zenodo.
  • Cristóbal López, Ana Belén, Sanz-Cuadrado, Cristina, Zhang, Zhe, Rahdan, Parisa, Victoria, Marta. (February, 2023). AURORA D1.1 Near-Zero Emissions Citizens Label (Version 1.0). Zenodo.

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