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social media icon on the header
ID: 806Status: DoneVersion: N/AReport Date: 13 April 2022Product: Aarhus University website Resolution Date: 22 April 2022Resolution Version:

Hi Lars, I noticed I am not able to edit the header for AU’s landing page, as I tried to include the links to the various social media platforms. I could include social media (specific to AU demonstrator) in the page, but it looks strange, with social media icons in the header, on the page, then in the footer. Is there a way I can include the links to the header? Alternatively, we can hide the social media icons in the header, and just add them on the page?

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  1. Hi Zhe, I have added the appropriate Social Media Links for Aarhus. Currently there is not way for you to change them directly unfortunately, so just reach out to me when you need to.

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