University of Ljubljana Student Energy Club / Študentski Energetski Klub (ŠEK) Launched


The Student Energy Club / Študentski energetski klub (ŠEK) is a newly formed club for students interested in energy issues and working in the field of energy. ŠEK was established on March 1st, 2023, when the first students who attended the meeting agreed on its establishment. The club is composed of students from the University of Ljubljana with diverse academic backgrounds, including natural sciences and social sciences, appealing to a wide range of students.

One of the main aims of the club is to engage students in conversations about energy and promote a culture of sustainability and responsible energy use. The club achieves this through various activities such as excursions to energy installations, lectures by invited speakers, and round table discussions with key people from the energy sector. ŠEK is also an energy community involved in the installation and management of a solar power plant at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana. By organizing its events and attending events organized by others, ŠEK is highly active in promoting knowledge and action on energy issues among students and the wider community.

ŠEK has also established a strong presence on various social media networks to share press releases, articles, and other information about its activities and findings with a wider audience. In addition, the club works to connect with other non-governmental organizations active in the field of energy, at the local level, to collaborate on initiatives that promote the responsible use of energy. Overall, ŠEK is a valuable resource for students interested in working on energy issues and making a positive impact on the world around them, regardless of their age, gender, or academic background.

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