Approach to Incremental Comprehensive Building Renovation


From 6 to 10 March, the Dom trade fair took place at the Ljubljana Exhibition Centre. It is the country’s largest specialised trade fair dedicated to home furnishing in the broadest sense of the word. Heat pumps and solar power plants were given a strong focus at the fair, due to the energy crisis and also climate change. There is also a wide range of recuperation systems, presentations on thermal envelopes and everything else that has to do with making living conditions more comfortable.

A summary of all these areas was the topic presented at the fair by AURORA Ambassador Dr Gašper Stegnar from the Jožef Stefan Institute. His lecture, which was organised as an introductory presentation of the accompanying programme entitled ” Approach to incremental comprehensive building renovation”, attracted a large number of visitors. As the title suggests, the approach presented was the one that is most common in practice – the phased comprehensive approach to building renovation. Very few people think of a complete renovation of a building in one step. It can also be done in stages. However, it is a good idea to follow a specific order of steps so as not to hinder ourselves in the subsequent steps of a gradual renovation. Dr Stegnar presented an example of good practice that can help and inspire future phased investors.

To organise such an event in such an appropriate manner at the most appropriate location and timing is highly commendable. We are sure that our ambassador has been and will be a great help to many in achieving energy and environmental efficiency.

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