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AURORA Energy Community in Ljubljana, better known as the Student Energy Club / Študentski energetski klub ŠEK, is highly active in all areas of the AURORA project and beyond. The students actively involved in the club are also the most engaged users of the AURORA mobile application. Initially, shortly after the first public presentation of the application at the end of November last year, the number of app users was growing only slowly. Later, the regular monthly drawing of app users who receive a six-pack of donuts came to life. It became a whole show, even on social media. Among the users are now students from various faculties of the University of Ljubljana. Thanks to a strong core group of students, we also receive constructive feedback, based on which we can regularly upgrade and improve our mobile application.

We assume that mostly the same students who are users of the AURORA mobile application also participate in the Citizen Science – Climate Change Group on LinkedIn. For now, we notice that they are not yet willing to publicly expose themselves, but they are present and closely monitor developments.

This article is also available in Slovene language at the following link http://www.s3k.si/novice/o-clanih-sek-a/

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