Citizens Driving a Climate-neutral Europe



Fecha: 8 junio 2023
Hora: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Localización: Online

Empowering and skilling citizens to become drivers towards a climate-neutral and sustainable Europe through citizen science

Project AURORA and the EU Green Deal Projects Support Office will present an online partner event during EU Green Week to illustrate the power of  citizen science to support EU Policy.

The Webinar will show how Citizen Science can deliver major change in the way the EU Green Deal objectives are achieved.  Examples will be presented from 5 EU funded citizen science research projects, AURORA, I-CHANGE, SOCIO-BEE, ECF4CLIM and PSLifestyle, to illustrate how citizen science can be targeted at the Climate Change & Sustainability Challenges of our time.

The webinar will explore how, by scaling up these projects, citizen science has the potential to mobilise 15% of the population of Europe, some 70 million people in support of the EU Green Deal objectives.

The event will also feature an opening address by Alexandre Caldas from the United Nations Environment Programme.  He will outline the opportunity we now have to share our citizen science programmes with citizen scientists across the planet via  the World Environment Situation Room (WESR) Citizen Science Portal. By using this platform, and pioneering the application of the  UNESCO Open Science recommendations across these EU Funded research project, citizen scientists anywhere in the world will be able use the tools and techniques developed in Europe to support the delivery of International Environmental Agreements.

We are entering a decade when citizen science will become a major driver of environmental change and this webinar will provide real examples on how this is beginning to happen.

View the full agenda here.

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EU Green Week takes place between Saturday 3rd June to Sunday 11th June 2023

The event is an annual opportunity to debate, become familiar with, and review EU environment policy.

It’s an opportunity to celebrate the progress we’ve made, and to encourage individuals, communities and organisations to take stronger action in future – to protect, preserve and restore our environment, for now and for future generations, while constantly promoting sustainable development. 

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