UÉvora Activities Planning for 2023/2024 Academic Course: European Researchers Night


The AURORA team in Évora is planning several activities for the upcoming academic year of 2023/2024. Those activities will be held in the scope of the Sustainable Action group, in which the team has been hosting several events across the city as a way to capacitate and empower the local community to take informed decision in matters regarding energy and sustainability in general.

For the upcoming academic year, the team is preparing workshops on low-cost instrumentation and sensors, visits to solar photovoltaic and solar thermal facilities, talks about energy in general covering topics such as how to choose and size energy storage systems for residential application, how to choose solar thermal systems for residential applications, discussions on electric vehicles, Évora’s sustainable mobility plan and other topics which are being discussed (i.e. sustainable food).

The Évora team was present in the European Researcher’s Night in Évora, promoting AURORA Energy Tracker app, the Sustainable Action group and the Energy Community with Red Cross.

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