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Awaken your creativity and participate! A contest where images tell stories about the energy transition!

Registration until 𝟯𝟭st 𝗼𝗳 𝗝𝘂𝗹𝘆 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟰

How to participate:

– Participation is individual
– Take a photograph that, for you, represents or is related to the idea of “energy transition” (it can be what you don’t want it to be, what you envision for the future, or any other perspective). Only 1 photograph will be accepted!
Submit your photograph through this form

 The three winners of the contest will be announced in September during our Good Energy Party in Évora. And there will be prizes.

In addition, the top 10 photographs will be selected for exhibition during this event.

The University of Évora, through its Renewable Energy Chair, and the Spanish Solar Energy Association announce to the Ibero-American technical and scientific community the holding of the XIX Iberian Congress and XV Ibero-American Congress of Solar Energy in Évora, to be held from 19 to June 21, 2024. 

More Information here.

Several presentations and activities are being planned to present the AURORA project to the students and potential members of the community. The aim is to reach and engage the academic community to play an active role not only in the project but also in the whole energy transition with zero-emissions by taking more informed decisions about energy related behaviors. Keep an eye on our social media channels to find out about the upcoming events!

Past Events

After our theoretical sessions on renewable energies, and especially solar energy, we went to learn how to build our own devices. 

Do-it-Together because building together is not only faster, it was also a lot more fun! 

After we had the bicycles repaired, we went on a themed ride about the energy transition in Évora. Starting from Colégio dos Leões, we passed through the historic center of Évora with stops at some innovative projects and renewable energy communities and our destination was the Capwatt concentrating photovoltaic power plant in the industrial area.

On June 6, 2024, SEYN and Drive Impact Ciclopes promote a activity focused on practical skills and tools for repairing a bicycle.

On May 17, a Training Session on Energy was held to discuss solutions to energy poverty, strategies to improve energy efficiency at home and the installation of photovoltaic systems. 

The EU Green project held a webinar on May 16 as part of the International Day of Light. 

On 16th of May took place de second launch session of the Renewable Energy Community of the AURORA project with the Évora Humanitarian Center of the Portuguese Red Cross.

On 14th of May was held the fifth Masterclass were people learned about the efficiency voucher program, which grants 3 vouchers worth €1300 plus VAT that can be used to implement more energy-efficient measures. 

On 18th of April was held the fourth Masterclass were people learned how to minimize the impact associated with photovoltaic installations and what alternatives are available for large installations.

On 18th of April took place the launch session of the Renewable Energy Community of the AURORA project with the Évora Humanitarian Center of the Portuguese Red Cross.

On 15th, 16th, 22nd and 23rd of April was held a workshop about programming with the low-cost ESP32 microcontroller. 

The Greenvolt Group hosted an event to facilitate this essential conversation and provide a collaborative platform for sharing ideas that contribute to driving actionable change on the way we produce, consume, and share energy.

Renewable Energy Communities and their implementation in Portugal will be the theme of the next masterclass. It will also be presentend a new practical guide with 10 initial steps on how to create a Renewable Energy Community in Portugal!

On the 15th of February the Sustainable Action Group held a workshop named “How does a battery work? Energy storage solutions”.  

This session addressed batteries as domestic energy storage solutions produced by photovoltaic systems, covering some technologies and how to install, operate and maintain these systems.

On the 16 of january the Sustainable Action Group held a workshop named “How to produce photovoltaic energy at home?”. 

On the 25th of June the Sustainable Action Group held a workshop on solar cooking and the participants got to build solar cookers! This workshop was held in cooperation with the association “Circulos de Transformação” and the Municipality of Évora.

The Sustainable Action group of the AURORA project promoted on May 18th it’s second public event! It was presented and discussed with those present the possible photovoltaic solutions for the historical city center of Évora, namely solar tiles and photovoltaic glass. Product samples were circulated among the attendees so they can have direct contact with the solutions to be implemented under the POCITYF project.

The Sustainable Action group (AURORA project) promoted on May 3rd the public event on self-consumption with photovoltaic panels, jointly organized with the Parish Council of Évora. With the participation of 15 people, savings, tips, recommendations and the need to decarbonize our lifestyle were discussed.
It was decided to create a group on WhatsApp to talk about this and other topics, ask questions, share news and events. We are here: WhatsApp Group Link

On April 19th took place the launching of the Sustainable Action of the AURORA project and its action line. Among the participants were students and researchers from the University of Évora. The AURORA Project team presented the project’s objectives and presented the Sustainable Action initiative!

On February 15, 2023, a first public session between researchers and citizens was held. The participation included students, entrepreneurs and citizens, with a total of 13 people participating in the meeting.

Several different topics were discussed, focusing on energy, climate change and its impacts, renewable energy communities, the Portuguese legislation in force and its implementation challenges. The AURORA project was presented, its objectives, the different demonstrators and the carbon footprint monitoring application. The different possibilities being addressed were explained and polls were made to assess the participants willingness to enrol in a community under different forms.

The participants showed interest in the project and its ideas. One of the main conclusions was that energy communities could be a good way to make citizens an active part of the electricity production with basis on renewable energy sources, thus reducing energy costs as well as carbon emissions associated with the energy sector.

In May 2022, we hosted a Innovation Cafe where we had an interesting discussion followed by presentation from our researcher Dr. Luís Fialho. Prof. Alexander Gerber from INSCICO also led a talk about individual energy behaviour and how a mobile app could help to change that. The participants also filled out a survey about what they would like to see in the app.

The project was presented to students in a meeting in March 2022, to discuss the different visions about the AURORA initiative. It turned out that there is great interest in participating.

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