Past Events

The project was presented to students in a meeting in March 2022, to discuss the different visions about the AURORA initiative. It turned out that there is great interest in participating.

In May 2022, we hosted a Innovation Cafe where we had an interesting discussion followed by presentation from our researcher Dr. Luís Fialho. Prof. Alexander Gerber from INSCICO also led a talk about individual energy behaviour and how a mobile app could help to change that. The participants also filled out a survey about what they would like to see in the app.

Upcoming Events

In September 2022 when the new academic year starts, several presentations and activities will be planned to present the AURORA project to the new students and potential members of the community. The aim is to reach and engage the academic community to play an active role not only in the project but also in the whole energy transition with zero-emissions by taking more informed decisions about energy related behaviors.

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