Community Meeting in Évora, Portugal


On February 15, 2023, a public session between researchers and citizens was held in the University. The participants included students, entrepreneurs, and citizens, with a total of thirteen people taking part in the meeting.

Several different topics were discussed, focusing on energy, climate change and its impacts, renewable energy communities, the Portuguese legislation in force, and its implementation challenges. The AURORA project was presented, including its objectives, the different demonstrators planned, and the carbon footprint monitoring tools and their application. The different possibilities being addressed were explained and polls were made to assess the participants’ willingness to enroll in an energy community under different forms.

Community Meeting Évora Portugal. Credit: Project AURORA

The participants showed interest in the project and its ideas. One of the main conclusions was that energy communities could be an effective way to enable citizens to become active participants in renewable electricity production, thus reducing energy costs as well as carbon emissions associated with the energy sector.

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