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AURORA is demonstrating how citizens in Europe are becoming a driving force against climate change by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions, linked to household energy use and transport choices, that they are responsible for. Through the project, approximately 7,000 citizens across five locations in Denmark, England, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain, are joining forces to become ‘near-zero emission’ citizens.

Project Brochure

Most global leaders have accepted that climate change is real and mainly caused by burning fossil fuels and set policies:

  • to make an energy transition away from fossils fuels; and
  • to limit the increase in global temperatures to no more than 1.5°C.[…]

Can you help us with translations of this brochure into other global languages?

Climate change is a global issue and we want to reach citizen scientists across the world who may want to replicate what we are doing and share our approach.

Project Posters

AURORA is demonstrating how people can make a difference through the choices they make, reducing 13-20% of all greenhouse gas emissions linked to residential energy use and 13% linked to transport choices. In addition, the project will empower people to take ownership of new community solar energy projects […]

Local Flyer - Aarhus (Denmark)

In the demo site in Aarhus, we aim to build an energy community (“energifællesskab”) at Aarhus University, by crowdfunding the installation of 200 kW solar photovoltaic panels on the rooftop of some buildings on the AU campus. The community will be set up as a cooperative (“solcellelaug”), and everyone will have the opportunity to invest and get annual economic returns. […]

Local Flyer - Évora (Portugal)

Portugal is one of the European countries most affected in the last 40 years by extreme weather events in terms of premature deaths and economic losses, according to the European Environment Agency (EEA).

Extreme weather events, which are expected to increase in the coming years as a result of climate change, have cost 142,000 lives and almost €510 billion in Europe over the last 40 years. […]

Local Flyer - Madrid (Spain)

Urgent action is needed if the world is to avoid climate change impacts that will challenge life on this planet.

This climate crisis is bringing change to Spain:

» The lengthening of summers by nearly five weeks since 1970
» The decrease in the average flows of the rivers
» The expansion of semi-arid climate
» The increase in heat waves, increasingly frequent, longer and more intense […]

Local Flyer - Ljubljana (Slovenia)

The University of Ljubljana will provide additional professional training through the Student Energy Club (SEC). The Club will provide a constructive forum for the exchange of views on current energy issues and media support. For the purpose of media support, the SEC will have its own website and profiles on several social networks through which it will disseminate its views and findings.

Student members of the SEC will have the opportunity to participate in international student exchanges between AURORA partners […]


D1.1 Near-Zero Emission Citizens Label
Yet to be reviewed by the European Commission.
D1.2State of the art of energy mix, citizens’ behaviours and environmental impacts of 5 European CommunitiesReport
D1.3Guide and recommendations for end-users and policymakers on the duly promotion, creation, implementation and management of energy communities as a behavioural change tool for climate action, sustainable development and environmental protectionReport
D2.2AURORA appAnderes Anliegen
D2.5Technical and Social features of an app devoted to inform citizens on their environmental impact related to energy choicesReport
D2.6On the use of AURORA app and environmental monitoringReport
D3.1Report on the business models to follow-up by the different local energy communities
Yet to be reviewed by the European Commission.
D3.3Report on the creation and exploitation of local energy facilitiesReport
D4.1Civic Local RoadmapsWebsites, patents filing, etc.
D4.3Creating AURORA Ambassadors for sustainable energy behaviours: Interventions developed and linked impactReport
D5.5Open Access Paper: Results on the initial climate resilience on energy infrastructures in EuropeWebsites, patents filing, etc.
D5.6Open Access Paper: Modelling of transition paths to decarbonize the European energy system including behavioural changes similar to those witnessed in this projectWebsites, patents filing, etc.

AURORA on Zenodo

The AURORA Project strongly believes in open data and research.

We therefore publish all of our project outputs in our AURORA Zenodo Community.

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