Climate awareness in a small and medium-sized enterprise: using Aurora Energy Tracker app in Qualifying Photovoltaics


Last Thursday 18th April, the process of using the Aurora Energy Tracker app was launched in Qualifying Photovoltaics, in which more than 30 people, employees and managers, will participate for at least six months. The aim of this experience is to increase the commitment of the employees to improve their greenhouse gas emissions, as well as to analyse the Aurora Energy Tracker APP in search of a better understanding of its operation and possible improvements that will be proposed to its developers.

As a further step in its participation in the European research project AURORA (Horizon2020), QPV has launched a collective analysis campaign on the use of the mobile application Aurora Energy Tracker, developed by the project, which allows users to know the emissions generated by their household and transport energy consumption. QPV aims to involve its employees in raising awareness of the need for more sustainable energy consumption in order to mitigate climate change and promote the ecological transition. As a company specialising in renewable energy, QPV works to raise public awareness in order to promote new models of society based on clean energy and sustainability.

The initial stages have been encouraging, but there are still some challenges to overcome to achieve a complete success. As with all SMEs, QPV staff are always extremely busy and have limited time to dedicate to specific and voluntary exercises such as this one proposed: analysing ways to reduce GHG emissions. Additionally, communication between different departments can sometimes be difficult. However, 95% of the QPV staff present attended the launch meeting of this campaign. The initial process of entering energy consumption data and the resulting labels will provide a first snapshot of the sustainability of the energy habits of QPV employees. Our initial assessment indicates that a large city such as metropolitan Madrid presents challenges to the use of public transport, particularly for those living in surrounding towns. Conversely, the majority of residents of the Madrid municipality commute by Metro or train.

By leveraging historical data, we can better inform our strategies to alter daily routines and lower emissions. The company’s employees and management are engaged in the energy transition, which gives us confidence that this analysis campaign will be a success in the coming months.

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