Café with Four Climate Pact Ambassadors on TICs for the Climate Challenge


The session was carried out as part of the AURORA Project, with the support of the European Climate Pact Ambassadors Network, the Spanish representation of the European Commission Office, and the Technical University of Madrid. The purpose was to organize a roundtable to promote reflection and dialogue among engineering students, highlighting how information and communication technologies relate to the European objectives outlined in the Green Pact.

Ana Belén Cristóbal and César García Aranda, both professors at UPM and ambassadors of the European Climate Pact, moderated the session. In a first series of interventions, the speakers highlighted key aspects of European climate policy and its impact on Spanish regulation, as well as its influence on the economic environment and future professional opportunities.

Paula Ceballos emphasized the EU’s leadership in the fight against climate change and the challenge it poses for our companies and citizens, emphasizing the importance of actively participating in the upcoming European Parliament elections.

Jesús Iglesias shared his personal experience, explaining how, from his training as a telecommunications engineer, he has evolved professionally from scientific and technological roles at the beginning of his career to currently focusing on working locally to support the transformation and recovery of rural areas.

Subsequently, students participated by asking questions and reflecting on the speakers, addressing relevant aspects such as the effects that some measures can have on older people, those with limited economic resources, or limited access to technology. The discussions also covered mobilizations in the agricultural sector, the complexity of transitioning to a new model, the role of technology as a tool rather than an end in itself, and the importance of avoiding biases in information.

In conclusion, the session highlighted the great opportunities and challenges posed by the European Green Pact, as well as the importance of aligning engineering and technology with these objectives.

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