AURORA Sustainable Action at University of Évora


The Sustainable Action group has arrived! The AURORA team in Évora has announced a roadmap focusing on Sustainable Action(s) that will be organised in Évora!

The Sustainable Action Group will promote interaction with the community in Évora on a range of sustainability topics to empower people so that they can make informed decisions on their day-to-day decisions.

Sustainable action roadmap

Key topics that will be covered include the following:

  • How to plan a photovoltaic self-consumption system for your own home?
  • Solar thermal systems for domestic hot water, how to choose, buy and install?
  • How to understand your energy bill and assess energy providers?
  • Electric vehicles, low cost?
  • Photovoltaic solutions for integration in the historical city centre of Évora.
  • Évora’s Sustainable mobility plan.
  • Solar cooking – how to build your own low-cost solar cooker?
  • Workshops on low-cost sensors to measure energy consumption or/and production.
  • Visit to a photovoltaic Power Plant.
  • Visit to a Concentrated Solar Power plant (thermal).
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