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With more than 250 views in the first two months of its launch on YouTube, the video trailer about AURORA continues to raise interest in our ambitious project. Its 11 minutes comprise interview statements by each of the nine partners from the project consortium, recorded during project meetings in two of our demo-sites, Évora (Portugal) and Aarhus (Denmark). The film crew by our German project partner INSCICO also produced further event footage during these events, such as two “Innovation Cafés” for citizens to co-create the mobile application for AURORA, and relevant third-party testimonials.

The video was released on the project website and through our social media channels to show how local energy communities can drive the systemic change necessary to tackle climate change. At its core, AURORA is about local ownership of renewable energy sources across demonstration sites in five countries in Europe, and this video shows the steps needed to achieve the project’s ambitious goals.

Screenshots from the extended AURORA overview video trailer

While the video was generally produced in English, we are also trying to maximise accessibility and shareability by providing subtitles in all local languages of the demonstration sites: Danish, Portuguese, Slovenian, and Spanish.

The overview video is one in a range of project videos in production by the German Institute for Science and Innovation Communication (inscico). “As a project that aims to reach mainly young citizens, and students in particular, we hope to relate to our audiences particularly with videos, compared to more classic text-based dissemination via website or newsletter”, says video Director, Professor Alexander Gerber, whilst emphasising the project’s need for modern and authentic forms of communication: “Winning over thousands of young people to engage in a citizen science project like ours, is just as much a communication challenge as it is a technological or research endeavour!”

Most of the videos were shot by INSCICO team members Anna Pesavento and Birte Gerstenkorn. In-house graphic designer Daniela Martin took care of the post-production, which included most of the cutting and a number or eye-catching animations. Lali van Zuydam provided editorial expertise; Lars Lorenz and Johannes Bopp further input and technical support.

You can watch the overview video here:

To better market the video and increase its reach, two short teaser videos were also produced:

Follow the AURORA project on YouTube here.

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