Crowdfunding in Aarhus extended to Jan 2024


As of the end of 2023, the crowdfunding for rooftop solar installation in Aarhus has reached 40% of the target. Since the start of the crowdfunding, more than 440 shares have been reserved by students and staff at Aarhus University in two months. In total, 1000 shares are available. 

“We can see a wide spread of number of shares which people reserved. Some had reserved 20 or even 30 shares, while the others make a reservation between 1 to 5 shares. It is likely that those are from students, while the staff at the university can afford to contribute more. It is a good sign for us, that regardless of their background, members of the community choose to contribute something that fits in their economic situations.” says Marta Victoria, board member of Universitetets Energifællesskab F.M.B.A (UEF) and project lead of AURORA project at Aarhus University. 

The board of UEF has decided to extend the deadline to Jan 2024, and interested participants can still join the crowdfunding here

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