AURORA participated in Co-Design Actionable Green Ideas workshop


On 24th February, AURORA participated in the Co-Design Actionable Green Ideas workshop, which was organized by Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke and C-Cube

The workshop brought together young participants to co-create and develop ideas for a more sustainable and inclusive green future. Zhe Zhang from AURORA project shared about the ongoing crowdfunding of rooftop solar panels installation, which aims to involve the young generation in Aarhus. Other interesting ideas at the workshop span across areas such as biodiversity, food production, water conservation, and so on. Challenges in those areas, as participants have observed, could be lack of gender diversity, ignorance, unsustainable farming practices, etc. 

Despite various challenges across the different ideas, a common one is social acceptance and mindset change. The participants then formed two groups to further develop the ideas into concrete projects which aim to tackle the common challenge. 

At the end of the workshop, participants developed two projects that are ready to be pitched to get funding support. The two projects tackle the mindset change challenge specific to biodiversity and food system. 

“It is a good experience to participate in the workshop, find out what the young generation is concerned about and reflect on how we can work together in the future,” says Zhe. 

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