Crowdfunding of rooftop photovoltaic installation in Aarhus attracted more than 100 people


The crowdfunding of rooftop photovoltaic installation at Aarhus University concluded with 900 shares being subscribed by more than 100 people. 

Last November, the local solar cooperative in Aarhus, Universitetes Energifællesskab F.M.B.A (UEF), launched the crowdfunding, which aimed at engaging local community to fund rooftop photovoltaic installations at Aarhus University. The initiative garnered remarkable support from both within and beyond the university’s community. In April, 900 shares are subscribed by 121 members, including both citizens and small local associations. 

One of them, who participated in the crowdfunding, is medicine student Iben Underbjerg. “I am part of this project because I can contribute to the green transition as an individual, even as a young student. It shows that you can take part in a larger project with few resources,” says Iben. 

In the crowdfunding, students and staff from Aarhus University, as well as citizens in local areas, were invited to participate. Interested participants pay a small amount (100 kr or 13.4 €) to subscribe the right to buy a share, which corresponds to 100W in the installation. There were initially 1000 shares planned  for a 100 kWp installation, and each share was expected to be between 800-1000 kr. In parallel to the crowdfunding, UEF managed to make a deal with a Danish solar company for a 98 kWp installation. 

 “We are thrilled by the response,” remarked Marta Victoria, project lead of project AURORA in Aarhus and one of the founders of UEF. “We also received good offers from the contractors for the installation. With the support we have got, we can go further with the project. Based on the offer, each member will contribute around the same amount financially, but for more watt per share. So we decided to close the crowdfunding and move further.” 

Right now, the volunteers from UEF and team members of project AURORA are working together on practical matters and detailed installation plan. We expect the installation will be completed in summer. 

Note to readers: UEF was set up as an outcome of project AURORA. It is officially registered with the Danish Business Authority and has its independent board of directors. 

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