Évora Advances on the Constitution of the Energy Community


The Red Cross will create an energy community with project AURORA in the historic city of Évora in Portugal, to tackle Climate Change.

In what could be a model to be copied in cities across Europe the Red Cross is going to establish an Energy Community with the support of the AURORA project team in Évora. The approach will promote environmental and social benefits that are linked with the reduction of electricity consumption from the grid, that lower energy bills, and provide savings to tackle energy poverty in the city of Évora. A solar installation will be installed on the rooftop of the Red Cross building in Évora, which due to its location will maximise solar panel energy output.

Participation in the Energy Community will be open to the community in Évora, who will crowd-fund the costs of setting up the solar energy production facilities. A financial return will be given to the Crowdfunders to incentivise participation in the Energy Community, besides the environmental and social incentives that are being included in the programme.

The AURORA team in Évora is helping in the definition of the Energy Community regulations and working on the business plan of the energy community to ensure everyone benefits from this project. More news on this ground-breaking Energy Community will be revealed shortly.

Red Cross building
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