Technical University of Madrid: Linking Master’s and Bachelor’s Thesis to the AURORA Project


The AURORA Project is now reviewing applications received for Master’s and Bachelor’s Thesis in Relevant Fields. This is an exciting way to link the EU-funded AURORA programme – Tackling Climate Change, with further research in the University.

We are thrilled that the AURORA Project has now received 10 applications for master’s and bachelor’s thesis research for the upcoming academic year as part of the AURORA Madrid demonstration site. This is a remarkable opportunity for students who are eager to contribute to cutting-edge research and be part of our ground-breaking initiative.

UPM IT School - Master Students | Credit: Flickr Oficial de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

The AURORA project focuses on pioneering advancements in various areas, and we have encouraged applicants from diverse academic backgrounds to participate. As we embark on this journey, we intend to find passionate individuals who can explore and develop novel ideas related to our project. The topic areas under consideration are:

  • Design, Implementation, and Calibration of Low-Cost Irradiance Sensors for Solar Simulator Characterization (Supervisor: Francisco Martínez Moreno).


  • Study of IAM (Incident Angle Modifier) in Commercial Modules of Different Photovoltaic Technology (Supervisors: Laura Barrutia and Celena Lorenzo).


  • Study of PV Production Losses Due to Dirt in the Madrid Region (Supervisors: Laura Barrutia and Celena Lorenzo).


  • Electric Consumption Profile Generator for Residences and Other Buildings Using Training Data (Supervisor: Luis Miguel Carrasco).


  • Design of a Tool for REC (Renewable Energy Community) Sizing (Supervisor: Luis Miguel Carrasco).


  • Design of a Virtual World Tool for Primary School Children in Energy-themed Education (Supervisor: Ana Belén Cristóbal).


  • Design of an Energy Flow Simulator in an Energy Community (Supervisors: Ana Belén Cristóbal and Luis Miguel Carrasco).


  • Study and Modeling of Strategies for Creating Energy Communities Using Game Theory (Supervisor: Ana Belén Cristóbal).


  • Study of Historical Irradiance Variation in the City of Madrid (Supervisor: Celena Lorenzo).


  • Design and Implementation of a Web Application for Agile Management of Large Energy Communities (Supervisor: Ana Belén Cristóbal).
UPM IT School - Bachelor Students | Credit: Flickr Oficial de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


Students who have applied are already enrolled in master’s or bachelor’s programs in relevant fields. The thesis topics are directly related to the AURORA Project and its goals and will add further value to the research work now underway



The selected candidates will gain access to:

  • a dynamic and collaborative research environment;
  • guidance from experienced researchers and experts in the respective fields;
  • cutting-edge resources and facilities essential for their research;
  • the opportunity to make a significant impact in their chosen field; and
  • contribute to the AURORA Project’s overarching objectives.


Application Process:

The current candidates have submitted their applications detailing their chosen topic’s relevance to the AURORA Project. The applicants have been required to show how the research aligns with their skills and the current AURORA project expectations.

Discussions are now underway with shortlisted candidates to discuss their ideas and potential contributions to the AURORA project.

We look forward to the successful candidates joining us on this exciting journey as we push the boundaries of research and innovation!

For any inquiries or more information, feel free to reach out and we can link with your University to share our experiences in driving forward positive action to tackle climate change. You can contact our team.


Let’s come together to create a brighter future with the AURORA Project!

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