Energy Consumption Measurements and Thermography


Learn how the AURORA Student Energy Club (ŠEK), is empowering its members to measure electricity consumption and map heat loss from buildings (thermography) in the coming winter.  With similar work planned in the AURORA Aarhus pilot the results will make an interesting comparison.

As part of the activities organized by the AURORA Student Energy Club (ŠEK), electricity consumption measurements and thermography will be conducted in January 2024.

Winter is the most suitable time for conducting electricity consumption measurements and recording any heat losses from buildings. During this time, the highest number of heating devices are turned on, and many of them rely on electricity as their energy source.

Moreover, by using electricity consumption meters, we can compare the consumption of smaller household appliances that use heaters, such as irons, space heaters, and water heaters. Their consumption should not be underestimated.

Thermography, on the other hand, addresses the efficient use of energy. Higher heat losses result in increased heating costs. Therefore, it is important to identify areas where we experience the most significant heat losses.

The Student Energy Club (ŠEK) will organize the rental of electricity consumption meters and thermography equipment. Students will have the opportunity to borrow these devices for several days to conduct their measurements.

Expanding our knowledge on electricity consumption and identifying areas of heat loss will contribute to raising awareness about energy efficiency. Through these activities, students will gain valuable practical experience and insights into energy consumption patterns.

If you are interested in participating in these activities or would like to learn more about electricity consumption measurements and thermography, please contact the Student Energy Club (ŠEK) for further information at

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