Now Available: AURORA Interactive Dashboard


The AURORA Interactive Dashboard, a powerful new tool that enhances community engagement and transparency in tracking energy consumption and sustainability efforts, is now publicly available.

The release of this tool marks an important step for the AURORA project. Our innovative dashboard offers real-time aggregate data on energy usage and carbon emissions, providing users with an intuitive and customisable interface. It allows users to monitor collective energy-saving achievements and compare progress across different demo sites, fostering a deeper understanding of our shared environmental impact.

How does this work?

The dashboard updates daily by combining the latest data entered by users through the AURORA mobile app into a fully anonymised ‘snapshot.’ This snapshot is then displayed on the dashboard. Users can extensively customise what data is displayed and run their analytics. Dedicated charts for carbon emission over time, user count and gender distribution across demo sites, consumptions and consumption categories are available. All charts are fully interactive and can be customised to show users exactly what they want, making data analysis both easy and insightful. For those who want to run a deeper analysis, we conveniently offer a download button, which even lets users go back in time and select previous snapshots. AURORA has always been dedicated to prominently featuring the values of open science and research, and the dashboard is another step towards full transparency while respecting the data privacy of all users.

And there is more!

When we designed the dashboard, we wanted to take it even one step further. That is why we have made the entire mobile application available as a web app alongside the dashboard! Experience the full functionality of AURORA from any device. Simply visit the AURORA dashboard, select ‘Account,’ and log in to access all the features available on the mobile app. From here, you have access to all the same data and features the mobile app offers. This expands the availability of the AURORA app to almost any internet-enabled device, so users are no longer required to have a compatible phone. The web app follows the same design principles as the AURORA dashboard and has been carefully authored to work well on both mobile and desktop devices.

Co-Design with Citizens: A Collaborative Approach

The AURORA project has always prioritised co-design with citizens to ensure that the tools developed meet their needs and expectations. The development of the “Energy Tracker” mobile application involved extensive usability and user experience tests, co-creation events, and expectation surveys. By engaging future app users early in the process, AURORA has ensured that the Energy Tracker aligns with user needs and cultivates a sense of ownership and active involvement among its users.

New Features

The AURORA app has now been available for over half a year, with its original debut in September 2023. We are continuously improving the app based on feedback we receive from our users and have just launched a set of improvements. Users now have greater control over entering their consumption, with additional options available for owners of solar panels, expanded data entry for heating, and fully customisable fuel and energy consumption for car and motorcycle travellers. This ongoing dialogue allows the AURORA team to make informed decisions about new features and updates, leading to a more user-friendly and impactful tool.

AURORA's Reach and Engagement

Since its launch, the AURORA mobile app has seen significant traction, with nearly 800 accounts created across Europe and over 25,000 individual consumptions tracked. The app has already made significant strides towards its mission of empowering citizens to track their energy usage and reduce carbon emissions and with the continuous citizen engagement of the AURORA consortium we are prepared to grow further.

Looking Forward

Moving forward, AURORA is focused on enhancing community engagement and increasing the effectiveness of its behavioural change efforts through the app. The project is developing an automated recommendation system and plans to introduce gamification activities in the future. Each demo site is also launching their crowd-funded solar panel installations by the end of the year, which will integrate with the app by showing detailed stats on power production and working conditions. With a commitment to open-source principles and user-centred design, AURORA aims to foster real change through community-driven initiatives.

Discover the AURORA Interactive Dashboard here and learn more about the project on the AURORA website. Join us in driving the green transition and making a tangible impact on our planet!

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