The European Climate Pact and the next European elections


Project AURORA has joined the European Climate Pact. We have done this because we want to support citizen action on climate change. Now more than ever we need people to stand up and be counted in the face of a crescendo of political attacks on measures to combat climate change, often by those who stand to lose financially from the changes that we have to make.

The scientific data on climate change for 2023 cannot be clearer. The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) “State of the Global Climate” report confirmed that 2023:

  • was the warmest year on record;
  • the three main greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide, reach record high levels;
  • ocean temperatures reached the highest level in the 65 year recording history;
  • global sea levels reached a record high;
  • Antarctic sea ice reached an absolute record low in February;
  • the world experienced the largest loss of ice on record from the reference set of glaciers, and Switzerland lost 10% of its remaining glacier volume;
  • extreme weather events, including extreme heat, wildfires, large-scale air pollution, and massive rain storms saw heavy loss of life and
  • concern grew about food security, population displacement and impacts on vulnerable populations.

These are no longer predicted changes that, for more than a decade, scientists have warned would arrive.  They are real and happening now.

The data tells us we must change and move away from fossil fuels yet just as we start to see the predictions become reality we see a four-fold expansion of newly approved fossil fuel projects, which makes no sense.

Just as we need to ramp up political action to reduce climate change gases and move away from fossil fuels, we see political change moving in the opposite direction, as evidenced by recent election results in the Netherlands. Our old ways of working on climate change  just do not deliver as economic forces that argue for the status quo maintain sway over Governments.

So what can be done? 

A recent survey of climate experts by the Guardian gives us crystal clear advice:

  • Vote for elected politicians who pledge strong climate action at European, National, and Local levels;
  • As citizens move away from fossil fuel-powered transport in favour of electric and public transport;
  • Reduce home heating or cooling emissions.

Project AURORA can guide you on the last two areas.

We need you to join us!

Download the AURORA app and invest with us in community renewable energy such as the one in Denmark.

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