First for Africa: International CitSci Africa Conference 2024


Delegates from UNEP, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Zambia, USA, Austria, Italy, Greece & the United Kingdom attended CitSci Africa

Project AURORA attended the 1st International Citizen Science Africa Conference (CitSci Africa) on the 21st and 22nd February 2024. This historic conference brought together citizen scientists from across Africa to meet with International Citizen Scientist to share best practice and to bring to life the UNESCO Open Science Recommendation.

A team of citizen scientists from the Horizon 2020 Citizen Science Cluster organised by the EU Green Deal Team shared their successes on the three top global issues affecting our planet, climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution.

GreenScent, Socio-Bee and project AURORA all took part. Ana Lopez offered a hand of friendship to African citizen scientists and invited them to be Ambassadors for project AURORA in Africa. She also challenged African Universities to apply the AURORA Business models on their campuses.

Senior Policy Advisor Ado Lohmus from the United Nations Science Policy Business Forum identified how important citizen science was becoming for the UN. To solve the big global problems in Africa we need to share what works and allow citizens in Africa to use the tools, techniques and business models developed in Europe. Africans can decide what works for them, take and modify European ideas to ensure they are fit for Africa.  Together citizens of Africa and Europe can make a difference.

A vibrant citizen science community is emerging in Africa. Further details will be posted on social media channels and links to recorded sessions will also be made available through the AURORA social media channels.

Professor Maina Muniafu USIU-Africa Joint Chair of CitSci Africa
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