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Research and science with the role of citizens!

The methodology of science and research is changing. It is no longer conceived as scientists who investigate to solve the problems of citizenship. Science will advance more and better if citizens actively participate in all its phases: definition of the problem and of the objectives, data collection and analysis, design and validation of solutions.
The energy community will also be a citizen science platform for members of the university community who wish to collect data on energy habits and consumption, analyze it and propose flexible and accessible solutions to reduce consumption and its cost, as well as the carbon footprint.
  • App: For them we will develop an App that allows us to collect data on electrical energy consumption, heating and mobility.
  • Kits: We will develop and build kits to monitor the electrical consumption of household appliances.
  • Office: we will open an advisory office for members of the university community who wish to install renewable systems in their homes.
Here we will inform you about activities within the framework of the AURORA project if you want to become a researcher citizen, a researcher citizen.
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