The Madrid Student Energy Community and the Climate Crisis

The Madrid Student Energy Community and the Climate Crisis


UPM team reached 400 students from the first course of the Telecommunication School and the IT School with the talk “Climate Crisis and Energy Transition".

The events were held on the 1st of March and on the 25th of April at the auditorium of Campus Sur.

Luis Narvarte, and Ana Belén Cristóbal, addressed members of the Energy Community of Campus Sur, to challenge them to think critically about the climate crisis and the energy transition we currently face.  They explored how society has developed to meet our growing energy and resource needs and why we now need a major shift in the way we secure and use these resources.

Student Energy Community in Madrid. Credit: Project AURORA

Both speakers discussed future energy scenarios and how they might develop as we move into a period of great uncertainty.  They offered examples of a wide range of views from various authors and the policies that are now proposed by Governments to tackle the crisis.

The conference ended with a presentation about the Energy Community of Campus Sur, its objectives, and the various actions that students can take to participate in it.  They encouraged the audience to volunteer to join the Energy Community and to take part in workshops, and discussions taking place on how to develop the community.  They also highlighted the opportunity to make an investment in the Energy Community, and new solar energy schemes planned for the campus.

The conference was recorded and is available in Spanish here:

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