How can ICT contribute to a better Europe?



Date: 14 Fevereiro 2024
Time: 12:30 PM
Location: South Campus of UPM

Inspiring students of information and communication technologies to dedicate their professional careers to the climate challenge is the goal of the colloquium scheduled for February 14th at the auditorium of the South Campus of UPM. In the battle against climate change, technological solutions are indispensable, spanning from data monitoring and management for informed decision-making to the development of sensors and systems that enhance energy efficiency, intelligent transportation, agricultural technologies for optimal land and water usage, early warning systems, and more.

Three European ambassadors for climate change, Ms. Elena López-Gunn, Mr. Jesús Iglesias, and Mr. Manuel Lira, will engage in discussions with students about these challenges, accompanied by Ms. Paula Ceballos, representative of the European Commission in Madrid, aiming to inspire vocations and encourage our youth to align their passions and careers with European challenges. During a two-hour session, the ambassadors will draw from their experiences to address all audience questions and showcase their own professional journeys as examples of the interdisciplinary approach necessary to confront this challenge.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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