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Matevž Bokalič


Universtiy of Ljubljana


Research Associate




Ambassador Group





English, Slovenian


Matevž graduated from the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering. He started his scientific career at the University of Ljubljana, and defended his PhD thesis focused on homogeneity of photovoltaic devices in 2013. Since then he is employed in the Laboratory of Photovoltaics and Optoelectronics where his research is focused on spatially resolved characterization methods of solar cells and reliability of photovoltaic modules. His research work is strongly connected with various European research projects.


We owe our current technological development and the highest living standard mostly to fossil fuels. Unfortunately our comfort comes by corresponding damages to the environment, the most important of them being climate change. With the development of renewable energy technologies we now have the opportunity to continue our successful path with significantly reduced environmental footprint. However, to achieve this, all of us must slightly change our habits and invest into renewable energies. The AURORA project provides all the puzzle pieces. It raises the awareness about climate change, promotes behavioral change and provides the starting point with renewable energies. Matevž is a strong promoter of the Aurora project. By following the Aurora rationale he became a near zero emission citizen considering his personal energy consumption. He realized that by living in a passive house, using public transport for daily commutes and electric car for weekend trips while covering these energy needs by a roof top photovoltaic power plant. It can be done, follow us!

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