STOP PRESS UN Secretary-General’s special address on climate action



05 June 2024, New York

This speech is a cry for action from us all.  The Secretary General ended it with the following passage:

“The United Nations is all-in – working to build trust, find solutions, and inspire the cooperation our world so desperately needs.

And to young people, to civil society, to cities, regions, businesses and others who have been leading the charge towards a safer, cleaner world, I say: Thank you.

You are on the right side of history.

You speak for the majority.

Keep it up.  

Don’t lose courage. Don’t lose hope.

It is we the Peoples versus the polluters and the profiteers. Together, we can win.  

But it’s time for leaders to decide whose side they’re on.

Tomorrow it will be too late.

Now is the time to mobilise, now is the time to act, now is the time to deliver.

This is our moment of truth”.

In the question and answer session that followed, the following question was put from Portugal:

How can we do more as citizens to engage in Climate Action and how can NGO’s work together to tackle climate change?

The answer, and I paraphrase:

Use social media as a platform to highlight climate change, and vote for those serious about climate action. Come together as civil society to build strong voices for climate action.

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