Take positive action on climate change: Join Project AURORA as an Ambassador for Change


Project AURORA has issued an open call for Ambassadors prepared to champion the AURORA approach to tackling climate change. We want you to be able to exploit our results and develop a growing citizen science movement able to tackle climate change.

Launched in December 2021 under the European ‘Green Deal’ initiative, Project AURORA (“Achieving a New European Energy Awareness”) is at the forefront of empowering citizens to actively transform the energy sector.

Funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme with an investment of €4.6 million, AURORA aims to show how citizens can cut their greenhouse gas emissions by 50% within the next decade, accelerating and supporting Europe towards becoming the first climate-neutral continent by 2050.

The project is particularly targeting universities, centres of learning, and municipalities to build on the five pilot schemes now operational under project AURORA. We are reaching out to the 140,000 municipalities and 5,000 higher education institutes in Europe. We want to empower the 17.5 million students, 1.35 million educators, and 1.17 million researchers in Europe to get involved and replicate our approach, not only in their own universities but also in the towns and cities that surround them.

The project coordinator from the Technical University of Madrid, Dr Ana Belén Cristóbal López, emphasises that “It is people who can make the difference in climate change, particularly the poorest in our society, who stand to gain most from reducing their carbon emissions.”

Project AURORA has developed techniques to engage citizens, students, academics and researchers in the energy transition. We have working business models that reduce energy costs, lower carbon emissions and deliver a return on personal capital invested. We are working with the Red Cross to show that with innovative interventions everyone in society can benefit. We are demonstrating that our approach works in socially deprived communities as well as in the wealthy towns and cities of Europe. We believe that universities, academic institutions and municipalities should be key drivers of the energy transition across Europe.

With up to 30% of all carbon emissions arising from the way we heat and power our homes, and the transport choices we all make, changes in our behaviour can make a difference. It is easy to protest about climate change, but this is a focused way you can take practical action and give a brighter future to the children of tomorrow.

Project AURORA has linked the drive to lower personal carbon emissions with the energy transition. The project has tested how to set up and develop energy communities working with four pilot universities and one municipality to show how lower energy costs can be delivered, carbon reduced and an economic and carbon benefit can accrue for all participants. By investing in the energy transition you have the potential to generate a financial return above your national base rate of interest.

Project AURORA has developed a range of tools and techniques people can use to measure their energy use, drive down their carbon emissions and make a real difference. The scheme has pioneered a simple labelling system so you can see how you compare to citizens across Europe and track your progress through an easy-to-use app on your mobile phone.

With over 500 million citizens living and working in the EU and the UK, we can drive this change and do not need to wait for Governments to act.

Further information:

Project communications lead, Martin Brocklehurst: martin.brocklehurst@me.com or +44 7500 043 485. 

We can provide representatives to conduct media interviews in Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Slovenian, German and English. The project coordinator and the representatives of all five demonstration sites are available for media enquiries/interviews.

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