AURORA participated in Fritidsforsker for en dag in DOKK1


On 21 April 024, AURORA joined the Fritidsforsker for en dag event at DOKK1, the main library in Aarhus. The event featured a number of citizen science projects in Denmark, and the participants get to attend talks by researchers and take part in the various hands-on activities.

At the AURORA table, the theme was about energy, where we talked about energy production by solar panels and energy consumption. Marta Victoria, Associate Professor at Aarhus University and lead of AURORA project in Aarhus, led the activity. She explained that thermal imaging could be used to investigate potential thermal leakages in buildings and at home, which would help residents to identify areas for better insulation to reduce heating consumption. Participants were then encouraged to walk around DOKK1 building with smart thermal cameras to investigate potential points of thermal leakage. They were also encouraged to submit their photos to win a prize of gift card. 

The activity attracted more than 30 participants, where 10 made submissions to the contest. The judging panel will meet in end of April to select the winner. 

Some examples of the photos submitted by the participants: 

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