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How to use the issue tracker

If you encounter an issue with the main AURORA website or your local demonstrator website, please report the issue through this tool. This process helps us to keep an overview of current issues and address them in order of highest priority.

Please try to keep issues specific to one topic and include as much detail as possible. If you encounter multiple unrelated issues please also report them separately.

To report an issue, please proceed as follows:

  1. Click the “Report new issue” button, which will open a new window.
  2. Issue Title: Name your issue, keeping the title concise but descriptive of the issue.
  3. Issue Product: Select which part of the website the issue is related to.
  4. Issue Type:
    • Bug: An error that causes unintended side effects to the user experience.
    • Change request: You want to request an aspect of the website to be changed.
    • Feature request: You want to request a new feature for the website.
  5. Description: Describe your issue in detail. Please be extra specific when submitting change or feature requests.
  6. Issue Reporter Name: Your name or Slack contact name. We might need to contact you about further specifics regarding the issue.
  7. Attach File: You may attach any file that helps document your issue, such as a screenshot.
  8. Complete the captcha and click on “Submit”. Your issue will now show up in the overview.
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