Solar Energy on Wheels


The SUN2CLARA project created a innovative solution to supply energy in rural areas, disconnected from the Grid. This project results from a partnership between the Rnewable Energies Chair from the University of Évora (CER-UÉ) and the MatKat-Stiftung Foundation, serving the Center for Rural Future (CLARA), an initiative of PROJECT EARTH located in Odemira, Portugal.

The final product results from the efforts of a group of students from the University of Évora which made the assembling of the different components in order to build the mobile autonomous solar system. This system will be used in the supply of ordinary energy consumptions and power tools for maintenance and construction throughout the premises. 

The developed system consists of a small-scale photovoltaic unit (1240 Wp) with energy storage, installed on a car trailer. It comprises four flexible photovoltaic modules, a battery for energy storage, and all the necessary electronics and electrical protections for the secure handling of the system.

The choice of flexible photovoltaic modules was based on their low weight, facilitating handling and transportation. Consequently, allowing the installation of the photovoltaic modules, and parking the trailer in shaded areas to preserve its life.

SUN2CLARA has an educational and capacity-building component in energy and sustainability, conducted through workshops for schools in the region using low-cost electronics. The workshop covers concepts from basic electronics to the Internet of Things, involving interactive activities with system. Students will receive electronics kits to replicate the activities independently.

This technological solution represents not only an innovative energy solution but also a commitment to sustainable and educational development in rural communities.

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