Évora Hosts the XIX Iberian Congress and XV Ibero-American Congress on Solar Energy


The University of Évora, through its Renewable Energies Chair, and AEDES (Spanish Association of Solar Energy) are organizing the XIX Iberian Congress and XV Ibero-American Congress on Solar Energy (CIES’24) in Évora from June 19 to 21, 2024.

This event aims to ensure the continuity of a technical and scientific discussion forum in the field of Energy Transition.

Currently, the world, national, and regional political and media agendas are dominated by a climate urgency, making this congress stand out as a knowledge offering that positions solar energy as one of the pillars in the Energy Transition. This event promotes technical and scientific discussions in this domain.

Alternately organized in Portugal and Spain since 1982, this congress is the most important and has the longest tradition in the field of solar energy, conducted in Portuguese and Spanish languages. In 15 out of its 19 editions, it has expanded its influence to the Ibero-American community.

The event’s presidency is held by Pedro Horta from the University of Évora, with Andreu Moià from AEDES serving as the vice-president.

Project AURORA Coordinator, Dr. Ana Belen Cristobal Lopez is an invited keynote speaker at the event and will be hosting a keynote speech on Renewable Energy Communities with focus on AURORA’s objectives.

More information here.

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