Past Events

Roundtable discussion

On 31 May 2023 we held a roundtable discussion titled “What’s your role in the green transition?” AURORA project partners from other demo sites, as well as some citizens in Aarhus, who are interested in crowdfunding the solar cooperative in Aarhus, participated in the discussion.

The session started by a presentation by Erik Christiansen, founder of Copenhagen Solar Cooperative and Middelgrunden Offshore Wind Cooperative. Erik shared the history of different types of energy cooperatives in Denmark and the current Danish legal framework for energy communities. Continue reading here…

Citizen Researcher Meeting

We had another Citizen Researcher Meeting series in March and April. This time, students from AU’s Engineering department were invited to test the beta-version of the AURORA App by providing their electricity, heating and transport data. In March, we asked the students to install the App (only available in iOS) and use it for 30-45 days. All together 21 users registered and provided data. In the second meeting in April, we showed the data to the students and discussed how the carbon footprint associated with their input compare to the baseline. The students also give good suggestions to the improvement of the App. 

AURORA X ATU seminar

Together with ATU (Akamediet for Talentfulde Unge) in Aarhus, we met a group of high school students on 1 March 2023 and discussed citizen science and how young people can contribute to the green transition. The seminar was very well received. Click here for more information. 

Year-end public meeting

On 13 Dec 2022, the community hosted another public meeting. We gave updates to the community on what has happened the last year. The participants also discussed specific terms in the solar cooperative’s draft statutes. In particular, should we include citizens in Aarhus in the cooperative? What is the maximum number of shares a member can own? Can students and employees keep the shares after leaving AU? In addition, we have got 5 founders who will sign the founders’ agreement to set up the solar cooperative. You can find the summary of the meeting in the Google Group.

Tech Summer Hang Out

Close to 80 colleagues from Faculty of Technical Sciences were present at the poster session, which took place before the Tech Summer Hang Out on 2 Sep. There is a lot of interest on whether the energy community will be implemented in other campuses of AU. We definitely hope the demonstration at the main campus becomes a “flagship” and be replicated elsewhere. 

Citizen Science @ AU 2022

“We are citizens, before we are citizen science researchers.” We were at the AU Citizen Science Network meeting on 19 Aug 2022. A lot of interesting discussions on collaboration and better public engagement on science took place. Looking forward to bringing the knowledge learnt to our community. 

Engaging Citizen Science Conference 2022

Together with our project partner from INSCICO and Kempley Green Consultants, we attended the Engaging Citizen Science Conference in Aarhus on 25-26 Apr 2022. At the conference, we met not only citizen science researchers and practitioners but also citizens, who are interested in joining the community.

Public discussion and Inno Cafe

What are the short and medium-long term implications for cutting Russian gas? What do you think about the ambitions in the recent Denmark Can Do More II proposal? We had an interesting discussion followed by presentations from student and researcher from AU. Prof. Alexander Gerber also led an Innovation Cafe to talk about individual energy behaviour and how the future AURORA mobile app plans to help to reduce citizens’ carbon emissions that are associated to their energy-related behaviour.  

Open Citizens Day

We joined the Open Citizens Day at Steno Museum on 24 Apr 2022. We talked about solar power with museum visitors, while the children visiting our stand enjoyed mini-race of solar-powered cars that were assembled by themselves.  

First public meeting

The first public meeting took place on 10 March 2022 at Navitas building. More than 20 participants showed up, comprising students and employees at AU. At the meeting, we introduced the initiative and had an interesting discussion on many questions, for example, “Can I participate if I am not an AU student or employee?”, or “What happens to the community after the project fundings ends?” Comments from the discussion are important for the future development of the cooperative statutes. 

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