Solar Photovoltaic Solutions in Historical City Centres


The historical city of Évora is an UNESCO world heritage centre and due to that classification, no interventions that significantly change the aspect of the city are allowed, such as the installation of photovoltaic systems in rooftops. This limitation was addressed in a session organized in the scope of the AURORA Sustainable Action, in cooperation with project POCITYF which is currently addressing these challenges in the city of Évora.

Initially the session started with a presentation that highlighted the problem and the potential solutions were shown and passed among the participants. The team took samples of photovoltaic glass and tiles to show and pass among the present community for a better understanding of the innovative solutions being discussed.

One example of how strict the limitations are is that the solar rooftiles not only have to look like the regular tiles used in Évora, but they also need to have a similar rugous texture which was achieved and approved by the Direction of Culture for the solar rooftiles that are going to be employed in buildings of the municipality.

Solar photovoltaic glass
Solar rooftiles
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