EU Begins Survey to Map Community Energy Schemes


UK Boost for Community Energy supported by Labour Opposition Party in the UK

Project AURORA welcomes the latest pledge by the UK Labour party to make funding available should they win power in the 2024 UK elections. The Labour party has pledged to offer £400 million in cheap loans to citizen-controlled green power co-operatives should it be returned as the new Government. It comes on top of promises to support Local Municipalities with £600 million to boost municipal generation. In the UK over 320 co-operatives have now installed more than 330 MW of community energy schemes and it is possible to locate where they are using an interactive map.

Meanwhile, in the European Union, the Directorate General for Energy has launched a survey (20th June 2023) to map the 9000+ energy communities across Europe. We will be adding the AURORA pilot energy communities as they go live to both the European and the UK database.

With #communityenergy continuing to grow across Europe, project AURORA is well placed to show how they can be linked to personal carbon reductions.

With the AURORA App citizens will not just be able to invest in a growing renewable energy sector and obtain a cash return but also reduce their personal carbon footprint. It is time to reduce the 30% of carbon emissions we are all responsible for in our daily lives. It is time to break the link between fossil fuels and climate change and we all have a role to play in that story. That is what makes project AURORA unique, so get involved and look out for the release of the AURORA app, with which you can track your own personal carbon footprint.

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