The Winning Hackathon Team at the Ambassador’s


The winning team of the hackathon focusing on solar energy and photovoltaics, which was organized by EESTEC and ŠEK at the end of this academic year at The Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana is currently situated in Madrid. Today, they had the privilege of an audience with His Excellency Robert Krmelj, the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia in Madrid, who is a staunch advocate of renewable energy integration.

This esteemed opportunity allowed the winning team to not only showcase their innovative ideas and accomplishments but also engage in a meaningful discussion with His Excellency Krmelj about the significance of renewable energy initiatives. The meeting highlighted the team’s dedication to contributing to a sustainable energy future and how their work aligns with the broader efforts to address global energy challenges.

The discussion touched upon various aspects of solar energy and photovoltaics, exploring their potential to mitigate climate change, reduce carbon emissions, and promote environmental conservation. His Excellency Krmelj’s support and interest in renewable energy initiatives further underscored the importance of collaborative efforts between academia, industry, and government to foster sustainable practices and drive positive change.

The winning team’s visit to His Excellency Krmelj serves as a testament to the recognition and appreciation their efforts have garnered, and it reinforces the commitment to advancing the adoption of renewable energy solutions on an international level.

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