Spanish National Observatory on Energy Communities created


Energía Común is born, the national observatory for energy communities driven by ECODES in collaboration with Redeia (Spanish National Grid Manager). It is the first observatory in Spain that analyzes its impact and evolution through economic, energy, social, and governance indicators.

Detail of the interactive map inserted in the webiste of the observatory Energía Común

On the eve of the International Day of Clean Energy, which was celebrated for the first time on Friday, January 26th, ECODES presents Energía Común, an initiative driven with the support of Redeia, a global operator of essential energy and telecommunications infrastructures. Energía Común seeks to accelerate the creation of energy communities with social and environmental impact through the establishment of an ecosystem that promotes knowledge, enables the exchange of experiences, the creation of networks, and collective intelligence.

Energy communities are crucial nodes in driving ecological transition and represent an emerging paradigm that empowers citizens to take an active role in energy management and production. In these communities, besides sharing energy installations, a space for dialogue is created reflecting a shared vision of sustainability and redefining the way resources are conceived, generated, and consumed.

To facilitate the development of communities, Energía Común offers resources and the necessary support to create, manage, and optimize collaborative energy projects. Additionally, it provides information on European, national, and regional legislation related to collaborative energy production, distribution, and consumption, along with a section compiling aids and subsidies available for launching energy communities.

This initiative also involves a group of experts from leading entities on various topics related to the energy model change. Among this experts is Dr. Ana Belén Cristóbal, the coordinator of AURORA and JALON Projects.

The First National Observatory of Energy Communities

Another objective of Energía Común is to provide an overview of the impact and evolution of these figures in Spain. The observatory, which is a pioneer in Europe, offers the most comprehensive information to date on these collective initiatives. Through an interactive map, economic, energy, social, and governance indicators are displayed at both national and provincial levels, based on the analysis of over 350 energy communities nationwide.

This observatory is a dynamic space that will incorporate and update the data it offers as new communities are detected and included.

IDAE's Community Transformation Office

Another uniqueness of Energía Común is that it is recognized as one of the Community Transformation Offices (CTOs) by IDAE. This means that it offers information, advice, and support services for the creation and management of energy communities to any citizen, SME, or local authority.

To facilitate access to this service, Energía Común offers it throughout the national territory online, although it also has physical offices in Aragón.

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