Matej Guštin: Why Project AURORA Matters in Slovenia


I have participated in several European and international projects, and I must say that the AURORA project is something special. It is completely different from other projects due to its approach to addressing current challenges. The project uses a so-called bottom-up approach. The current challenges addressed by the AURORA project are renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, and the green transition. By using such an approach to address the important challenges of today, we want to show that established ways and approaches are not the only options. People are often more committed to change than the system in which they live. Especially if people see that the system is not responding fast or decisively enough. People know that changes in energy consumption and production are necessary, and they see that the system is responding slowly and indecisively. Therefore, they are willing to take the initiative and play their role in accelerating the green transition.

As the partners in the AURORA project come from a student environment, we have decided to help students and young people in general to organize a community that will not only be an energy community but much wider. A community that will spread its awareness and findings among the general population. A community that is aware of the problems of the weakest, who should not become even more vulnerable due to the slow green transition. After all, young people, students have been and will be the avant-garde of society. The community we are building in Slovenia with the help of the AURORA project complements other initiatives that arise in society. It helps them to clearly and loudly communicate their belief in the urgent need for a faster green transition. Due to all of the aforementioned facts, we have named our community the Student Energy Club (ŠEK).


Matej Guštin

Researcher in Laboratory of Photovoltaics and Optoelectronics

Faculty of Electrical Engineering

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

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