When the AURORA project purchased a thermographic camera and handy little power meters for individual electrical appliances, we started thinking about how to use them most effectively so that as many students as possible could try them out. First, of course, we organised a workshop with the thermographic camera in the form of a guided tour of Ljubljana city centre. We gave the students a demonstration of how the camera works, and they were able to try it out for themselves. Using the camera is very intuitive and does not require any special demonstration.

After the workshop, we arranged with some of the students to borrow a thermographic camera, as they wanted to see the heat loss in their own homes. Especially students staying in Ljubljana for the week were interested in borrowing it over the weekend.

Based on this very practical experience, which was developed after the thermal imaging workshop, we have decided that all students can borrow both the thermal imaging camera and the electricity meters to take home for the whole week.

In the end, to make it easier to present on social media, we named the issue with the meaningful names WATTOTEKA & TERMOTEKA. From the name it is possible to deduce what kind of service it is and what is the subject of the loan.

WATTOTEKA & TERMOTEKA allow thermographic cameras and electricity meters to be borrowed by as many students as possible, as this is an ongoing activity facilitated by the ŠEK Student Energy Club.

This article is also available in Slovene at http://www.s3k.si/novice/wattoteka-termoteka/

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