EESTEC (Electrical Engineering Students’ European assoCiation) and the AURORA Energy Community named the Student Energy Club / Študentski energetski klub ŠEK, are once again organizing the Hackathon. In its preparation and execution, three laboratories of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering collaborate organizationally:

  1. Laboratory for Energy Strategies
  2. Laboratory for Electrical Networks and Devices
  3. Laboratory for Photovoltaics and Optoelectronics

As one of the sponsors, Slovenian Power Plants Holding Ltd. has joined this time.

The upcoming Hackathon 2.0, with the slogan “Green Energy Transition of Slovenia,” will take place as a full-day event on Wednesday, December 13, 2023. Over ten student groups have already registered to participate in the competition.

The challenges of this Hackathon are again threefold:

  1. Impact of the new tariff system
  2. Electric mobility and charging of electric vehicles
  3. Supply of Slovenia with electricity from renewable sources or the issue of surpluses and shortages of electrical energy

The day after the full-day Hackathon 2.0, the announcement of the winning teams will be followed by the award ceremony, which will take place in the atrium of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

Good luck, as you have enough knowledge!

This article is also available in the Slovenian language at the following link

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