Ljubljana University Staff Tackle Their Carbon Footprint


On Thursday, 16th February 2023, the Center for Extracurricular Activities of the University of Ljubljana organized a webinar on Sustainable Living and E-Mobility. The lecture was held as part of the “Eco Month February” event. The webinar was very well-attended and due to numerous questions from participants, it lasted well beyond two hours.

Credit: Project AURORA

The lecture was divided into two parts. In the first part, Dr. Matevž Bokalič presented his experience of sustainable living through the construction of his family’s new home. He explained in detail all the stages of construction, from the initial concept to the final execution, which included sustainable principles. He also discussed his concerns and thoughts during the construction and his current opinion on the completed project.

In the second part, Matej Guštin explained, through his personal example, the transition from using a diesel car to a new electric vehicle. His example was elaborated in detail with an economic analysis, which proved that the transition to an electric car was economically justified in his case.

The webinar was a part of the activities organized by the Student Energy Club ŠEK. The recording of the entire lecture is available here:

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