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Eva Méndez


Universidad Carlos III de Madrid


Associate Professor




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Eva Méndez Rodriguez holds a PhD in Library and Information Sciences and she is an expert in metadata. She defines herself in her Twitter profile as an “open knowledge militant” (@evamen). She has been a lecturer at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid since 1997 and Tenured Professor since 2008. She has also taught and carried out research at other universities and institutions. She has been an active member of several international research teams on various standards for the Web. She was a member of the US Academy Louis Round Wilson-Knowledge Trust and the Advisory Committee of the DCMI (Dublin Core Metadata Initiative), OpenAire Advisory Board. She has taken part in and led several research projects and publications, as well as acting as a scientific advisor to many more in the fields related to standardization, metadata, semantic web, Open Science, open data, digital repositories and libraries, etc. in addition to information policies and data-driven research in several countries. Since 2006 she has been participating as an independent EC expert on the assessment and monitoring of various projects for a number of programmes in different fields such as Digital Libraries and Open Science. She is one of the creators s of The Hague Declaration on Knowledge Discovery in the Digital Age. She was also the chair of the EU Open Science Policy Platform for the second mandate (2018-2020) and a member of the platform since 2016 as well as RDA ambassador for Interdisciplinary Research in 2020. Since December 2022, Dr Méndez is member of the Steering Board of CoARA (Coallition for Advancing Research Assessment).


I want to become an AURORA project ambassador because it offers a unique opportunity to actively participate in a transformative citizen science project aimed at driving energy transition in 150 local European communities. By leveraging the experiences from five European demonstrators, including a key project at the South Campus of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, in Spain.

Unlike other initiatives, AURORA emphasizes that the true agents of change will be the community members themselves, including students, staff, and professors. As an ambassador, I can champion the AURORA approach to tackling climate change within my community fostering a culture of sustainable energy practices and climate resilience.

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