Major Progress with UPM South Campus – Energy Community,  Madrid,  Spain


UPM South Campus – Energy Community is making significant progress in building community ties between the University and primary and secondary schools in the close neighbourhood.  It is pioneering community energy schemes in partnership with Ecooo, a company experienced in managing community photovoltaic projects.  Ecooo are providing support and expertise to the Energy Community who have secured the first installation agreement for solar panels on the roof tops of the Centro Cultural Palomeras School, less than 1 km from the UPM campus.

On April 16, 2024, a significant milestone was reached in the crowdfunded installation project as a special meeting was held to present the project to school families. The event saw an impressive turnout, with over 70 people in attendance. The enthusiasm of the community was palpable, though many questions still remained to be answered.  

This meeting was the culmination of extensive discussions with the school’s faculty and alumni representatives. These consultations were crucial in ensuring that the project aligned with the needs and expectations of the school community.

Images from the different engagement actions held at the school.

In parallel with these efforts, two foundational meetings took place at Campus Sur on April 24 and May 24, aimed at formally establishing the UPM South Campus- Energy Community Cooperative, which will be led by members of the university community. These sessions brought together approximately 15 individuals from UPM who are interested in becoming core members of the cooperative. The focus of these meetings was to address the legal intricacies of cooperative membership, beyond merely participating as account holders.  Once established the cooperative will be able to expand on the current initiative and will be a legacy from project AURORA to the citizens of Madrid.

With the official establishment of the cooperative on the horizon, the next step will be to initiate the crowdfunding process. This will involve the school families and the broader Campus Sur community, marking a new chapter in this collaborative endeavour.

Stay tuned for further updates as we move closer to realizing this ambitious project, driven by community spirit and collective effort.

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