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AURORA attended the very first citizen science conference held by CitSci Africa, the regional citizen science association for the Continent.  Led by Associate Professor Maina Muniafu at the impressive United States International University (USIU), in Nairobi Kenya, the event drew together representatives from South Africa, Nigeria, Zambia and Kenya, along with inputs from Europe and the USA. 

Africa is a vibrant young, rapidly growing continent, with 60% of its people under 25 and with some of the fastest growing cities in the world.  650 million people own mobile phones and youth is bursting with energy to engage in citizen science and reshape the future of the continent. As a continent it has 60% of the world’s potential solar resources, yet currently only 1% of the solar PV capacity.

Martin Brocklehurst (Project AURORA) worked with the EU Green Deal Support Team to bring together Project AURORA, (Ana Belen Cristobel)  along with Horizon 2020 Research project GreenScent, Andrea Falegnami), and SOCIO BEE, (Evangelis Kopsacheilis) to share their successes through an online presentation with the African Citizen Science Community.  Ana Cristobel challenged the African Citizen Scientists to  join as Ambassadors for the AURORA project so that the approach adopted by project AURORA can be shared across Africa.

Anyone who has seen the remarkable impact that community solar schemes can have on life in Africa will know why Africans were so keen to hear about project AURORA and how our approach can impact the continent. Listen to one story by Professor Jaqueline McGlade where off grid power creates massive change and opportunity for the Maasai living on the Maasai Mara wilderness areas of Kenya. The opportunities for major change are endless!

United State International University (USIU) Nairobi
1st Ever Citizen Science Africa Conference organised by CitSci Africa
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